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Easy ways to get the NetZero technical problems solved

The finest way to deal with the technical problems in NetZero is perhaps the customer service it has introduced to help the globally spread users of this gadget. Even though it is a technically advanced gadget, its users sometimes face unwanted problems which are needed to be solved immediately. You deserve to enjoy the benefit of NetZero free internet without any inconvenience or disturbance.

Why should you contact NetZero Care?

  • How do I install and setup NetZero DSL?
  • How do I connect my computer to the wireless network?
  • How do I name my network?
  • How do I connect my computer to the gateway?
  • Will I need to configure a Local Area Network?
  • How do I install the phone jack filters?
  • How do I setup a wireless network with my DSL modem?
  • How do I configure the wireless connection using MAC or Windows?
  • How do I access the Modem Portal page?
  • How do I manually set up wireless connection?

How to setup NetZero?

The installation is an automatic process and you need to start it by inserting your NetZero DSL CD into the CD-ROM drive. Well, you can also start it manually. For getting the manual result of your query, how to setup NetZero, you need to launch the [Start] menu. Typing d:\nz_dsl_installer.exe will lead towards the next stage. Go to the NetZero Broadband DSL Guide screen and click on [Start Now]. The NetZero DSL Connection Center software will be installed shortly. Please locate the phone jack where you want to connect your modem. Now you can plug the dual connection phone jack filter into the wall jack. Plug it into the filter port labeled phone if you have an answering machine, a phone, a fax machine, satellite TV equipment, or other phone devices. Plug the DSL modem’s phone cable to your computer. The use of yellow Ethernet cable will make your job easier. Also, connect the provided AC power cord to the DSL modem. NetZero Customer Service Phone Number now instructs you to check your connection now and verify that the connection is active. Now you are suggested to open the IE browser. Click on the [Tools] menu, after that. Select [Internet Options] and go to the [Advanced] tab. Now you are suggested to select [Reset all Defaults]. Open the IE browser after you close it once. Close the browser after it finishes the restoration. Open the browser again for taking the effect.

How to install NetZero internet?

A manual process is given here. The manual process is applicable for you if you don’t have a CD or DVD drive. Launch the [Start] button for proper installation of NetZero internet. The selection of [Run] will open a new window. Type d:\nzdslsetup.exe and start the installation process. It will start the installation of NetZero DSL Connection Center Software. To move the process forward, you are advised by NetZero Technical Support Number to connect your DSL modem to your computer. Installing the DSL Filter is the next stage of NetZero installation. Please connect the cable from your telephone device to the 2Wire DSL Phone line filter in order to install the DSL Phone line filter.

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